133 reviews of Moja


Stephen - 10 Feb 2019

Food is outstanding staff are lovely highly recommended

Nicola - 10 Feb 2019

Arrived much sooner than estimated and great portion sizes.

Elli - 09 Feb 2019

Love the food highly recommend 5 stars

Andrew - 09 Feb 2019

Bang on as always.... best Indian takeaway 👍👍👍

Jamie - 08 Feb 2019

All great. I regularly order from Moja and the value and service is always great.

Mike - 08 Feb 2019


Andrew - 02 Feb 2019

Amazing as always

Paula - 29 Jan 2019

Highly recommended. Top quality food.

Paula - 29 Jan 2019

Always amazing

Paula - 29 Jan 2019


Kellie - 28 Jan 2019


Kellie - 28 Jan 2019


Ashleigh - 27 Jan 2019


Steven - 26 Jan 2019

I first heard of Moja when I tried some leftovers from a friend, as soon as I tasted it I knew I needed more. Exactly one week later I placed my first order. It was the naga chilli curry and a chilli chicken masala, it was absolutely delicious. I see my self as sort of a connuseir of Indian cuisine, and I must say out of my almost 30 years of eating at/from Indian food establishments I have never eaten anything that has tantalised my tastebuds as much as Moja

Joe - 26 Jan 2019


Kellie - 24 Jan 2019

Your lamb rogan josh has gone down hill... it used to be amazing what's happened... I've only just received this and I can tell by looking at it it's not as good as it used to be and I've had a taste n guess what I'm right it's not... I think I'll have to find somewhere else to order my curries from

Tanya - 21 Jan 2019


Kevin - 07 Jan 2019

Lamb Rogan josh was very watery last night and today we are all ill

Tanya - 25 Dec 2018


Stephanie - 09 Dec 2018

Honestly the best Indian takeaway I've had. I'm a black belt when it comes down to a nice tasty Indian. It's the first time I've tried this place, 100%

Jason - 07 Dec 2018

Prawn on puri far too spicy! Normally a mild dish don’t know what happened tonight but couldn’t eat the rest of my meal.

Helen - 06 Nov 2018

Great as always

Stephen - 27 Oct 2018

Ordered a munch box from Moja, Food arrived late and cold, hardly anything in box for the price. I had to reheat the meal, all food was basic standard lacked flavour and popadom soggy, phoned when 20mins late and staff didnt seem to care this is second time ordered for delivery and its been late maybe extra drivers would be helpful.

emma - 27 Oct 2018

Beautiful food as always.

Jayne - 14 Oct 2018

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